NATO Defense Ministers approve aid package for Ukraine

The Defense Ministers of NATO member states have approved an aid package for Ukraine, which includes advice and assistance, Interfax-Ukraine reported following a meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission in Brussels.

"At the meeting, the ministers approved a comprehensive package of assistance to Ukraine. As part of this package, we will provide advice and assistance,” NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

"It brings together different areas of support; advice, assistance, use of funds, in particular, on logistics, counter-IED [improvised explosive devices], for command and control and medical rehabilitation [sic]. Our goal is to create more effective and efficient defensive and security structures. To do this, advisors will be sent. We also want to strengthen civilian control over the security sector,” Stoltenberg explained.

At the same time, the Secretary General stated that measures to supply lethal weapons to Ukraine were not included in the package.

“We cannot supply arms to Ukraine, because we have no weapons. Various NATO countries may have such an agreement, but I cannot say anything about it. It takes place on a bilateral basis,” he said.

The specifics will be further discussed during the forthcoming NATO Summit in Warsaw next month.

  Ukraine, NATO