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  • Russian police detained dozens of opposition supporters in several cities

    In several Russian cities on April 16, 2017, police detained dozens of people who took part in peaceful protests, Deutsche Welle reported.

    In St. Petersburg, participants of the "walks" on Palace Square were detained for not getting authorization from authorities. According to the organizer of the rally, Aleksandr Rastorguev, the police detained dozens of participants.

    "My friends and I have been taking walks every week since October of last year. Usually several policemen accompany us. Today …

  • According to Putin's financial disclosure, he makes less money than his press secretary

    The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin earned 8,858,432 rubles (157,243 USD) in 2016, as indicated on Putin's financial disclosure, published on April 14th on the Kremlin's website.

    Compared to the previous year, the President's income declined by about 33,000 rubles (586 USD). In 2015, Putin's income amounted to 8,891,777 (157, 835 USD).

    However, Putin's Press Secretary, Dmitry Peskov, in 2016 earned 12.8 million rubles (227,000 USD). The income of Peskov’s wife, ice skater Tatiana Navka, …