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  • Activists in Prague organize 'corridor of shame' for Night Wolves

    Activists in Prague organized a “corridor of shame” for the Russian biker club Night Wolves as the club was travelling through the Czech city as part of their “Road to Victory” rally to commemorate the allied victory over Nazi Germany in World War Two, Radio Svoboda reported.

    Russian journalist Oleg Pshenichny posted a video of the occasion on Facebook. On the streets of Prague, activists carrying the flags of Ukraine, the USA, the EU and NATO shouted at a passing group of bikers: "Shame!", " …

  • Belarusian National Front submits application to recognize Night Wolves as extremist

    The Chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front, Alaksiej Janukievich, sent an application to the Prosecutor General of Belarus to label the Russian motorcycle club "Night Wolves" an extremist organization, as stated by the party's press service, Interfax-Ukraine reported.

    Janukievich submitted the application because the Night Wolves' leader, Alexander Zaldostanov, said "Belarus equals Russia."

    According to the opposition leader, Zaldostanov's words were aimed at undermining the country's …

  • Club member: Night Wolves have 'broken into' the EU

     As reported by TASS, a leader of Russia's Night Wolves bike club, Andrey Bobrovsky, has indicated that members of the Russian motorcycle club, Night Wolves, who were participating in the ‘Road to Victory –Berlin’ run, but were unable to cross the Polish border, have arrived in the European Union.

    "The Night Wolves have broken into the European Union. We are in Slovakia now and we are going to Brno on Tuesday to join the group that crossed in Poland,” he said, without revealing how they …

  • Night Wolves denied entry at Belarusian-Polish border

    The Polish authorities did not allow a group of motorcyclists of the "Night Wolves" Russian motorcycle club to cross the Belarus-Poland border. The bikers were considered to a potential threat to public order and safety.

    The motorcyclists intended to arrange a motor rally to Berlin on Sunday, May 1st, but couldn't cross the Belarusian-Polish border. "We refused entry to seven bikers from the Night Wolves motor club,” declared Dariusz Senitskii, the press secretary of the Department of Border …

  • Poland bans entry to Russian Night Wolves

    Polish Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski said that members of the Russian motorcycle club Night Wolves were barred from entering Poland due to security concerns, Rosbalt reported. The club is known for its fierce nationalism and enthusiastic support for the Kremlin’s policies towards Ukraine. The motorcyclists were planning to travel to Berlin via Belarus and Poland on May 9th to mark the allied victory over Nazi Germany during World War Two.

    Waszczykowski said he hopes that the Polish …