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  • Plotnitsky would meet with Savchenko only if she created her own team in Parliament

    The head of the self-proclaimed Luhansk People's Republic, Igor Plotnitsky, responded to the Ukrainian MP Nadiya Savchenko’s proposal to meet face to face. According to him, their conversation could yield results only if Savchenko is able to create her own team in the Ukrainian Parliament.

    “I appreciate the calls for peace, forgiveness and dialogue that Nadiya Savchenko has made recently. However, peace cannot be achieved by talks and negotiations alone,” Plotnitsky said. The leader of the so- …

  • Representative of Syrian Opposition: Russia is attempting to Occupy Syria

    A spokesman for the High Negotiating Committee, Salim al-Muslat, told an Anadolu Agency reporter that Russia, as a member of the UN Security Council, should make efforts to cease the bloody conflict in Syria, not try to occupy the country. Salim al-Muslat was in Geneva participating in the Syrian peace negotiations. Salim expressed his hope that the United Nations will put pressure on Moscow in order to end airstrikes in Syria.

    Al-Muslat also noted that the final decision on the participation …

  • Piontkovsky: More countries should participate in the Ukrainian peace process

    In an interview with, Russian historian and opposition leader Andrei Piontkovsky said that Ukraine should invite not only the heads of Germany and France to take part in the negotiations to find a solution to the war in the Donbass region, but also representatives of other Western countries.

    "Merkel and Hollande have already acquired some kind of Stockholm syndrome in relations with Russia and the Donetsk bandits… The Minsk Agreement is their child. They, as a father and a mother …