Plotnitsky would meet with Savchenko only if she created her own team in Parliament

The head of the self-proclaimed Luhansk People's Republic, Igor Plotnitsky, responded to the Ukrainian MP Nadiya Savchenko’s proposal to meet face to face. According to him, their conversation could yield results only if Savchenko is able to create her own team in the Ukrainian Parliament.

“I appreciate the calls for peace, forgiveness and dialogue that Nadiya Savchenko has made recently. However, peace cannot be achieved by talks and negotiations alone,” Plotnitsky said.
The leader of the so-called LPR stressed that Savchenko is "a lone peacemaker", and without her own team and official powers “she runs the risk of struggling desperately without achieving anything.”

“And meetings with me will not change anything, even if they were daily. Will Nadiya Savchenko be able to create a parliamentary group in the Verkhovna Rada ‘for peace and dialogue in the Donbas?’ If yes, then our meeting and coordination of actions could be appropriate and effective,” Plotnitsky said.

The emergence of such an MP group would be the “moment of truth for the whole of the Kiev regime.” This event would show to what extent Ukraine is ready to fulfill the obligations signed in Minsk, the leader of the separatists added.

Earlier, Savchenko urged Ukrainians living on both sides of the line of contact to ask each other for forgiveness. Yesterday, Savchenko urged leaders of the separatist republics to meet for talks in the neutral zone. Savchenko also spoke about amnesty for separatists.

  Nadiya Savchenko, Igor Plotnitsky, Peace Process