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  • Lithuania suspends Russian TV channel for a year due to content inciting hatred

    The Lithuanian Radio and Television Commission (LRTK) has decided to require re-broadcasting companies to suspend broadcasting by Russian TV channel RTR-Planeta in Lithuania for a period of one year, reported Delfi news outlet.

    The Commission claims that over the past year, three cases have been identified in which three separate violations were recorded linking RTR-Planeta programs with incitement to war and hatred.

    For example, according to the information provided by the LRTK, one RTR- …

  • European Commision allows Lithuanian ban of Russian TV channel for inciting hatred

    Lithuania’s decision to suspend broadcasting rights of Russian TV channel RTR-Planeta complies with EU legislation, a report on the European Commission’s website said.

    In December 2016, Lithuanian authorities notified the European Commission that Russian language TV channel RTR-Planeta, broadcasting to Lithuanian from Sweden, was disseminating material inciting hatred. Thus, Lithuanian authorities blocked the broadcasting of the channel for three months.

    "Statements made in several RTR- …

  • Russian TV Channel is facing restrictions on broadcasting in Lithuania

    Russian Channel Planeta TV is facing restrictions on broadcasting in Lithuania due to the incitement of inter-ethnic discord and calls for war, the DELFI news portal reported. The Lithuanian Radio and Television Commission began investigating violations of the law on the Russian TV talk show, Duel. The program by Vladimir Solovyov was broadcast on the 16th of October by RTR-Planeta.

    The Chairman of the Lithuanian Radio and Television Commission, Edmundas Vaitiekunas, reported that the …