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  • Russia deploys third Rezonans-N radar to monitor Arctic

    The Russian Defense Ministry has deployed a third Rezonans-N radar station in the Russian Arctic. The station, situated in the Novaya Zemlya archipelago, will begin active service in November this year, the TASS news agency reports, citing Ivan Nazarenko, director of the Rezonans Scientific Research Center.

    According to TASS, the radar station is capable of detecting cruise and ballistic missiles, hypersonic targets flying at up to Mach 20, and even stealth aircraft. The station has already …

  • Russia deploys early warning radar in Egypt

    Reports are being circulated on social networks that a Russia-produced Rezonans-NE 3D radar system has been sighted in Egypt. It was previously stated in official reports that, outside of Russia, such systems only existed in one country – Iran (the Ghadi radar).

    Information about the Rezonans-NE (export variation of the Rezonans-NE) was tweeted by the Algerian blogger KAD-GHANI, who even specified the exact coordinates of the system: 28°42’28.45 N 32°23’6.40 E (Ras Ghareb, Red Sea, Egypt). …

  • Russia to deploy early warning radars throughout the Middle East

    Stealth Air Target early warning radars Rezonans-NE will be delivered to the armed forces in the countries of the Middle East. The deployment of early-warning radars capable of tracking stealth cruise missiles and hypersonic weapons will begin in 2020. There is no information on which countries the radars will be delivered to.

    "Contracts have been signed with a number of Middle Eastern countries for the supply of Rezonans-NE radars. The stations will be delivered to the customers within one …