Russia to deploy early warning radars throughout the Middle East

Stealth Air Target early warning radars Rezonans-NE will be delivered to the armed forces in the countries of the Middle East. The deployment of early-warning radars capable of tracking stealth cruise missiles and hypersonic weapons will begin in 2020. There is no information on which countries the radars will be delivered to.

"Contracts have been signed with a number of Middle Eastern countries for the supply of Rezonans-NE radars. The stations will be delivered to the customers within one and a half to two years," reports TASS news agency, citing a military-diplomatic source.

Rezonans-NE radar system is a smart radar of a new generation. Over-the-horizon radar operates in the meter range and is equipped with a phased array antenna. Radar can detect cruise and ballistic missiles, hypersonic aircraft, and stealth drones at 1100 kilometers range. At the same time, Rezonans-NE can follow up to 500 targets at a time. The radar can also work during electronic countermeasures and natural interference.

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