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  • Romania to supply Patriot air defense system to Ukraine

    The Romanian National Defense Council has decided to supply Ukraine with a Patriot air defense system. 

    "In view of the significant deterioration of the security situation in Ukraine resulting from Russia's continued and massive attacks on civilian populations and infrastructure, particularly in the energy sector, as well as the regional implications of this situation including impacts on Romania's security, the Council members (The Supreme Council of National Defense led by President Klaus …

  • Romania upgrades strategic air base for Ukrainian F-16 deployment

    On June 11, Romanian Defence Minister Angel Tîlvăr announced extensive plans to expand and modernise the Mihail Kogălniceanu Air Base near the Ukrainian border. As noted by the news outlet Army Recognition, the official reason cited for this development is the perceived threat from the east. However, in the context of the situation in Ukraine, it may involve the deployment of F-16 fighters .

    Positioned less than 200 kilometres from the Ukrainian border, the airbase has long been utilised for …

  • Romania strengthens air defense on Ukrainian border to counter Russian drones

    Romania is ready to deploy anti-aircraft systems against Russian drones depending on the "level of threat". In addition to this, 600 soldiers have been sent to the Danube Delta region bordering Ukraine, reported the Romanian news website Digi24, citing Gheorghiță Vlad, Romania’s Deputy Chief of Defence Staff.

    "We have decided to send around 600 soldiers to strengthen the defensive line in the northern part of Dobruja. We have deployed several radars, enhanced our defenses, and held …

  • Ukraine and Romania to hold joint military exercise this fall

    The Joint Ukrainian-Romanian Exercises Riverine-2021 will be held in the Odesa region this fall, reported the press center of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

    It is noted that this is the fourth such exercise between the Ukrainian Navy and the Romanian Navy.

    "The main purpose of the exercises is to strengthen regional security, improve the level of interaction and compatibility of the participating countries," the statement reads.

    From the Ukrainian side the exercises will involve a group of …

  • Romania expels Russian diplomat

    Romania expels a Russian diplomat, the Romanian Foreign Ministry  said on Monday, April 26. Aleksey Grishaev, assistant military attaché of the Russian Embassy in Bucharest, was declared persona non grata, as "his activities and actions are contrary to the provisions of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961." Russian Ambassador to Romania Valery Kuzmin has already been informed of this decision.

    Earlier, Slovakia and the Baltic states announced the expulsion of Russian …

  • U.S. to deploy M-9 Reaper drones to Romania

    In the coming months, a unit of the U.S. Air Force will be deployed to the Romanian 71st air base near city of Câmpia Turzii, reported the Romanian Ministry of Defense.

    "The squad consists of a M-9 Reaper drones and about 90 soldiers," the statement reads.

    U.S. forces will carry out NATO missions, and Romanian allies will provide technical, operational and logistical support. "Cooperation between the United States and Romania enhances collective defense capabilities and strengthens regional …

  • Romania's Foreign Ministry summons Russian ambassador over Kremlin’s comments about Romanian National Defense Strategy

    The Romanian Foreign Ministry summoned the Russian ambassador to Bucharest, Valery Kuzmin, because of a statement made by Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova about the Romanian National Defense Strategy.

    "The reference to Russia in the Romanian National Defense Strategy should not come as a surprise, as this is a consequence of the well-known behavior of the Russian side in the region in recent years. We consider this behavior as destabilizing," reads the statement on the …

  • Romania accuses Russia of ‘aggressive behavior’

    The Romanian authorities have prepared a draft national defense strategy for 2020-2024, which refers to Russia's "aggressive behavior" and "actions to militarize the Black Sea region."

    "The aggressive behavior of the Russian Federation, the actions of the (militarization) of the Black Sea region and the hybrid type of actions carried out by this state aimed at maintaining a tense climate in an area close to our country, force Romania to resolutely continue the extensive process of creating …

  • Ukraine and Romania conduct join naval drills in the Black Sea

    Ukraine and Romania conducted PASSEX join naval drills in the Black Sea.

    The patrol boat of the Ukrainian Navy Starobelsk and the Romanian Navy corvette Contraamiral Horia Macellariu took part in the exercise, reported the press service of the Ukrainian Navy on Facebook.

    It is noted that the ships of the two countries have worked out a series of tasks on compatibility according to NATO standards. The emphasis in training was placed on improving the skills and actions of ship crews in carrying …

  • Ukraine unlocks gas imports from Romania

    Ukraine and Romania have signed an interconnection agreement which will come into effect on January 1, 2020, the Operator of the Gas Transportation System of Ukraine (OGTSU), one of the signatories, announced on its website. Romania was represented by the company Transgaz.

    The negotiations lasted more than three years, with mediation from the European Commission and the involvement of the operators of Bulgaria, Greece and Moldova.

    The agreement will make it possible to freely transport gas to …