Romania strengthens air defense on Ukrainian border to counter Russian drones

Romania is ready to deploy anti-aircraft systems against Russian drones depending on the "level of threat". In addition to this, 600 soldiers have been sent to the Danube Delta region bordering Ukraine, reported the Romanian news website Digi24, citing Gheorghiță Vlad, Romania’s Deputy Chief of Defence Staff.

"We have decided to send around 600 soldiers to strengthen the defensive line in the northern part of Dobruja. We have deployed several radars, enhanced our defenses, and held negotiations with our NATO partners to find solutions to confront Russian aggression," Vlad said in an interview with a Swedish television channel.

When asked if Romania will use its anti-aircraft systems against Russian drones, the deputy chief of defense staff responded, "Depending on the level of threat, we are prepared to use our military strength to defend Romanian territory."

As reported, on September 14, the Romanian Ministry of Defense tightened restrictions on flights over the border with the Odessa region of Ukraine, particularly in the North Dobruja region between the cities of Sulina and Galati. The Ministry states that the decision to impose flight restrictions was taken in response to the escalation of Russian attacks on Ukrainian ports on the Danube.

  War in Ukraine, Romania, Russia