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  • Russian oligarch Rotenberg claims 'Putin's palace' belongs to him

    In an interview with the TV channel Mash, Russian billionaire Arkady Rotenberg said he is an owner of the Palace which is believed to be indirectly owned by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    In a three-minute interview with Mash's editor-in-chief Maxim Ixanov, Rotenberg explained that he decided to speak about it because of the scandal.

    "There was quite a complex object. There were a lot of lenders. I was able to become an owner. It's a godsend," Rotenberg said, adding that he purchased the …

  • Putin’s friend Rotenberg loses lawsuit against Scandinavian banks in Finland

    The Russian businessman Boris Rotenberg, who has come under US sanctions due to the conflict in Ukraine and his close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin, lost a lawsuit against four Scandinavian banks in a Finnish court on Monday.

    “The Helsinki District Court has dismissed Boris Rotenberg’s lawsuit regarding the right to banking services and damage from discrimination,” the court said in a statement.

    Rotenberg, who also has Finnish citizenship, filed a lawsuit against Nordea, Danske …

  • Billionaire Rotenberg’s son expects to receive $340 million from Kremlin for tracking sanctioned cargo

    The food embargo imposed by Russia that prohibits the import of vegetables, fruit, meat and dairy products from the West could become another source of income for Igor Rotenberg, son of the Russian oligarch Arkady Rotenberg who is worth an estimated $2.6 billion according to Forbes.

    RBC news agency reported that the Center for Development of Digital Platforms (CDDP), a company affiliated with Rotenberg, could become the operator of a system for tracking the transit of sanctioned cargo through …

  • Crimean Bridge builders left unpaid

    15 companies involved in the construction of the Crimean Bridge are complaining that they have not been paid their contractual dues. Cumulatively they are owed nearly half a billion rubles (around $16 million), Radio Liberty reports.

    Small enterprises from Russia’s Krasnodar Krai have been affected. They have not been paid by the subcontractor, Deco, which signed the primary contract with SGM-Most, a company owned by Vladimir Putin’s friend Arkady Rotenberg.

    According to public court records, …

  • Company of Putin's friend Rotenberg receives funding for 'anti-corruption activities'

    According to the documents published on Russian government’s procurements website, Moscow-based company Granat has won the tender of the Russian Civic Chamber, a consultative civil society to analyze draft legislation and monitor the activities of the parliament.

    Funds in the amount of more than 46 million rubles or nearly $700,000 dollars were allocated to provide "preparation and assistance services" for the Civic Chamber’s activities in the field of developing civil society institutions, …

  • Finland disallows Putin's friend to build a house near the military training area

    Finnish authorities have banned businessman Boris Rotenberg, who is close to the Russian President Vladimir Putin, from building a residential real estate near the military training ground in the Finnish city of Hanko, reports the Ilta-Sanomat newspaper.

    In 2016, the Environment Commission allowed Rotenberg to build a 350 square meters guesthouse in the specified location. The Finnish defense forces appealed this decision in court.  

    The first complaint of the military department, filed in …

  • Russian tycoon Rotenberg files lawsuit against Scandinavian banks for failure to provide service because of sanctions

    Representatives of the Swedish banks Svenska Handelsbanken and Nordea, the Danish bank Danske Bank and their Finnish divisions have confirmed to the Finnish broadcasting corporation Yle that Russian businessman Boris Rotenberg filed lawsuits against them and accused them of violating their obligations.

    In early October, Rotenberg filed lawsuits against these banks and the Finnish OP Corporate Bank with the Helsinki District Court. The businessman alleged that the banks violated service …

  • Ukraine fails to impose sanctions against Putin's friend Rotenberg

    Russian oligarch Arkady Rotenberg and his company Minudobreniya avoided getting onto the list of individuals and legal entities against which Ukraine imposed economic sanctions. The National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine (NSDC) told Deputy Serhiy Leshchenko that this was due to lack of proposals from the SBU (Ukrainian Security Service), Economichna Pravda writes.

    "In accordance with the law "On Sanctions,” the NSDC deliberates on the application, cancellation and amendment to …

  • German media: Putin's friend Rotenberg secretly buying real estate in Germany despite sanctions

    A joint investigation by SWR and the Berliner Zeitung has uncovered that Russian oligarch Arkady Rotenberg, who has been individually sanctioned by the EU and US, is investing in large real estate projects in Germany, DW reports.

    The authors of the investigation have specifically linked Rotenberg with the Kudamm-Karree-Hochhaus building complex in Berlin. The complex is located on Kurfürstendamm boulevard in the western center of the city, and includes a high-rise building, shopping center, …

  • Joint media investigation reveals that Putin's friend Boris Rotenberg owns villas on the French Riviera

    Boris Rotenberg, a Russian businessman close to Russian President Vladimir Putin owns two villas in the commune of Èze in France. The villas have a total area of 1300 square meters. Rotenberg also owns another villa under construction. This was stated in a joint investigation of Novaya Gazeta, Le Monde and the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project or OCCRP.

    Rotenberg filed his application to construct the first two villas in 2009. He planned to build a tennis court, a swimming pool …