German media: Putin's friend Rotenberg secretly buying real estate in Germany despite sanctions

A joint investigation by SWR and the Berliner Zeitung has uncovered that Russian oligarch Arkady Rotenberg, who has been individually sanctioned by the EU and US, is investing in large real estate projects in Germany, DW reports.

The authors of the investigation have specifically linked Rotenberg with the Kudamm-Karree-Hochhaus building complex in Berlin. The complex is located on Kurfürstendamm boulevard in the western center of the city, and includes a high-rise building, shopping center, theater and offices.

The journalists noted that the construction work in Kudamm-Karree is being completed by Mars Propco 1, which is linked to by Michael Oppenheim, who runs in Rotenberg’s social circles. He appeared together with Arkady Rotenberg in Vedomosti’s earlier investigation of Gazprom’s 200-billion-ruble purchase of equipment and components.

The authors of the investigation suggest that Rotenberg also owns the opera house in Munich, the LES 1 office complex in Hamburg, the Sofitel hotel in Frankfurt and the Stue Hotel in Berlin.

The value of all five facilities, including Kudamm-Karree, is estimated at approximately one billion euros.

Evidence shows that there is an extensive network of dozens of companies, including some registered offshore, behind all these properties.

Rotenberg is a childhood friend of Russian President Vladimir Putin. They practiced judo at the same studio. Rotenberg is now considered the 39th richest businessman in Russia by Forbes, with a fortune estimated at $2.6 billion. His assets include a 100% stake in Stroygazmontazh, 80% stake in Minudobreniya, 35% in TPS Avia and 49.99% in SMP Bank.

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