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  • Latvia detects Russian warships and fighter jets near its borders

    Several aircraft and ships of the Russian Armed Forces were seen near the borders of Latvia yesterday, August 9, the National Armed Forces of Latvia reported on Twitter.

    NATO patrol aircraft discovered two Russian Su-27 fighter jets over the neutral waters of the Baltic Sea near the territorial waters of Latvia. An An-26 military transport aircraft was also detected.

    On August 9, a Russian Buyan-M-class corvette was seen in the exclusive economic zone of Latvia at a distance of 4.5 nautical …

  • Latvia detects Russian warships near its borders

    The Latvian National Armed Forces detected Russian warships near Latvian national borders. This is stated in a message published in the official Twitter of the National Armed Forces of Latvia.

    “On July 7, in the exclusive economic zone of Latvia, 10 nautical miles from the state border, a support ship for class CC-750 Kashtan submarines was detected,” the message said.

    The National Armed Forces of Latvia also reported that the Russian Ivan Gren amphibious assault ship was detected in Latvian …

  • Turkey strengthened protection on the Bosphorus because of a possible Islamic State attack on the Russian fleet

    Istanbul authorities stepped up security measures in the Bosphorus Strait to prevent a possible attack by the Islamic State terrorist group on Russian warships. This was reported on Tuesday, May 16, by Hurriyet Daily News. Earlier, Turkish intelligence received information indicating that jihadists can start preparing to fire on ships of the Russian navy from portable missile systems and long-barreled weapons.

    Based on the received data, the Turkish police studied those places in the Bosporus …

  • Duterte allows Russian ships to enter Philippine waters

    President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte said that the ships of the Russian Navy are welcome to freely enter the waters controlled by Manila, RIA Novosti reported.

    Duterte also announced that Russian ships are allowed to moor off the coast of the Philippines as long as they notify the authorities about their plans in advance. Similar terms now apply to Chinese Navy vessels as well.

    In January, Duterte visited the Russian Navy’s large anti-submarine ship, the Admiral Tributs, which was …

  • Three Russian ships with the ability to carry Kalibr cruise missiles will be built in the Crimea

    Russia's Interfax news agency reported, citing Russian Deputy Defense Minister, Yury Borisov, that three new corvettes for the 22800 Project, codenamed Karakurt, will be built in Feodosia at the Morye shipyard in 2018-2020.

    "Three ships will be built at the Morye shipbuilding plant. The construction cycle is approximately 32 months. We are expecting construction to be completed in 2018, 2019, and 2020. It looks like the third ship will be laid at the end of this year," the Deputy Minister said …