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  • Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs sends additional forces to the Sea of Azov

    The subdivisions of the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs increase presence in the Sea of Azov due to Russia's actions, said Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov.

    “Having occupied the Crimea and part of the Donbas, Russia continues to attack our sovereignty. This concerns the waters of the Sea of Azov as well. That is why we are increasing the presence of the units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, namely the units of the State Service for Emergency Situations and the …

  • Russian missile corvettes enter the Mediterranean Sea

    Renowned ship-spotter and international affairs consultant Yörük Işık reported on twitter that two missile corvettes from the Russian Navy’s Caspian Flotilla entered the Mediterranean Sea.

    The report identified the ships as two Buyan M-class corvettes, the Veliky Ustyug 651 and the Grad Sviyazhsk 652, both armed with SS-N-30 Kalibr land attack cruise missiles. The ships passed through the Bosporus, bound for the Mediterranean.

    Işık noted that the ships were likely headed to a Russian military …

  • Latvia detects Russian warships near its territorial waters

    The National Armed Forces of Latvia detected two Russian warships near the country's borders.

    "In the Latvian exclusive economic zone, five nautical miles from territorial waters, the Naval Forces identified a Steregushchiy-class frigate of the Russian Navy on April 28,” the message of the Latvian National Armed Forces reads.

    In addition, eight nautical miles from the territorial waters of Latvia, a Gorin-class Russian tugboat was spotted.

    Latvia regularly reports on the Russian warships …

  • A group of Russian warships enters Mediterranean Sea

    A group of ships from the Russian Baltic Fleet consisting of the frigate Yaroslav Mudry and the tanker Lena entered the Mediterranean Sea, said Roman Martov, head of the information department of the Western Military District press service for the Baltic Fleet.

    Martov noted that the grpoup passed the Strait of Gibraltar and entered the Mediterranean Sea. "While passing through the Atlantic, the crews improved their naval skills, conducted a series of  survival  skills exercises , and …

  • Ukraine seizes Russian ship over illegal sand mining in the Black Sea

    Ukraine has seized a Russian dredge ship for illegal sand mining in the Karkinitsky Bay of the Black Sea, Ukrainian Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko reported on Facebook.

    The Crimean Prosecutor's Office is in charge of issues of illegal sand mining in the Karkinitsky Bay area of ​​the Black Sea, including the Swan Islands reserve, on the Russian-annexed Crimean territory.

    It has been established that the dredge vessel was carrying dredge from the home port of Tuapse, in Russia, which belongs …

  • Latvia detects Russian warplanes and warships near its borders

    On Friday and Saturday, October 27 and 28, the Latvian National Armed Forces recorded the presence of a Russian plane and Russian Navy ships near Latvian borders, reported Delfi.

    On October 28, in the exclusive economic zone of Latvia, 14 miles off Latvian coast, armed forces identified the Russian Sura-class buoy tender Kilektor-1 ship. On October 27, the Viktor Konetsky tug boat was recorded 16 miles off Latvian coast.

    NATO patrol aircraft also identified yesterday a Russian Air Force An-27 …

  • Russian Ministry of Defense: Russian warship Azov left Greek port

    The Russian landing ship Azov of the Black Sea Fleet – the first Russian ship to pass under the still-under-construction arch of the Kerch Strait Bridge in September – has left Pylos Port in Greece. This was reported on October 22nd by the press service of the Southern Military District of the Russian Defense Ministry.

    “Today, the Azov, a large landing ship of the Black Sea Fleet, left the Greek port of Pylos, where Russian sailors together with the crew of the Greek destroyer Navarinon took …

  • Latvia detects Russian warships near its borders

    Three Russian warships were sighted near the Latvian border, the National Armed Forces of the Republic stated on Twitter.

    "In the Latvian exclusive economic zone, 18 nautical miles from territorial waters, on October 21, the Navy identified the Bira-class supply ship Irgiz of the Russian Armed Forces," the statement says.

    It also notes that 13 nautical miles from the territorial waters of the republic, a Russian Sura-class buoy tender Kilektor 1 was seen, and at six nautical miles, a Smolny- …

  • Russia’s new secret reconnaissance ship enters Mediterranean Sea

    The Russian Navy’s latest oceanographic reconnaissance ship, the Yantar, has entered the Mediterranean Sea, reports, citing the Turkish websites which monitor the passage of ships through the Bosphorus.

    According to the websites, the Russian ship departed from Novorossiysk on Saturday October 7, and its final destination is the Victoria Harbor in the Pacific Ocean province of British Columbia.

    Meanwhile, observers comment that this destination is fictional.

    The Pentagon believes …

  • 3 Russian warships detected near Latvian borders

    "Three Russian warships have been detected in the exclusive economic zone of Latvia – the Andromeda, the Kilektor 1 and the Bira," the National Armed Forces of Latvia reported on their official Twitter page.

    According to the Delfi news agency, last year Russian aircraft and ships approached the borders of the Baltic Republic 209 times, which is about ten times less than a year earlier.

    The joint Russian and Belarusian strategic military exercises, Zapad 2017, are currently under way. Earlier, …