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  • Poland wants to get the F-35 aicraft if the United States does not deliver them to Turkey

    Polish authorities are hoping to push for American F-35 fighter jets if the United States cancels the delivery of these aircraft to Turkey, RIA Novosti reports citing a Polish source familiar with the matter.

    Dissatisfied with Turkey’s purchase of Russian S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems, the Unites States is trying to give Ankara an ultimatum, threatening to refuse to supply Turkey with F-35 fighter jets. At the same time, the purchase of the F-35 is part of the plan to modernize the …

  • Russia protests against Israel’s downing of Syrian aircraft

    Russia has voiced its protest after Israeli forces shot down a Syrian combat aircraft, according to a source from Maariv daily newspaper.

    The publication claims that Israel has provided Russia with proof that the Syrian aircraft crossed the border into Israel.

    On June 24 Israeli forces reported that they shot down a Syrian combat aircraft, allegedly a Su-22 or Su-24. According to Reuters, the aircraft’s pilot was killed. The plane ventured approximately 1.6 km into Israeli airspace. Israel …