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  • Armenia expects Su-30SM fighters and other 'military surprises' from Russia

    Armenian Defense Minister David Tonoyan said that Armenia expects supplies of Su-30SM fighters and other "military surprises" from Russia, reports Sputnik Armenia news outlet.

    In an interview, Tonoyan said that the supply of four Su-30SM purchased from Russia is expected at the end of this year or early next year.

    Answering the question on the supply of other weapons, the Minister noted that many details cannot be revealed now, but "military surprises" are possible.

    In particular, the …

  • Belarus plans to buy Russian Su-30SM fighter jets

    Belarussian Minister of Defense Andrei Ravkov said that Belarus plans to purchase several Su-30SM fighter jets from Russia, reports Interfax.

    "The contract is concluded, and it is confirmed. I know that these four aircraft are manufactured now, and are almost ready, so if President Lukashenko makes a decision, they will be purchased in the prescribed manner," he said.

    The Minister noted that there are no specific delivery dates. "The contract was made on suspensive terms, linked to the …

  • India dissatisfied with Russian missiles

    India intends to replace Russian surface-to-air missiles with weapons from Israel. The decision was made after defects were found in the Russian-made missiles R-77 in February 2019, when Pakistan F-16 fighter jet shot Indian MiG-21 aircraft from a distance of 100 kilometers using the AIM-120 rocket, reports the Russian news outlet.

    At the same time, the Indian Air Force could not strike back at the F-16 fighter, as the R-77 missile could not engage the target.

    India wants to replace …

  • Russia conducts exercises of military aviation in the annexed Crimea

    Flight crews of Su-30SM multi-role fighter planes of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia have executed sea target bombings, the press service of the Russian Defense Ministry reported. A small-sized ship was used as a target for naval aviators to fulfill the task of destroying the mock enemy.

    "The results of direct hits are confirmed by telemetry and visually from unmanned aerial vehicles. To ensure the safety of combat exercises, more than 20 warships and auxiliary vessels, as well as aircraft of …

  • Belarus will buy Su-30SM fighter jets from Russia

    Belarus will purchase a batch of Sukhoi Su-30SM multi-role fighter aircraft from Russia, BelTA reported with reference to the press service of the Ministry of Defense.

    "In order to update the fleet of combat aircraft, a contract was concluded with Russia on the supply of a batch of Su-30SM aircraft," the military department said.

    Belarus plans to purchase 12 planes. The price of the contract was not specified.

    Su-30SM 4+ generation fighters are developed by the Sukhoi Aviation Corporation …