Russia conducts exercises of military aviation in the annexed Crimea

Flight crews of Su-30SM multi-role fighter planes of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia have executed sea target bombings, the press service of the Russian Defense Ministry reported. A small-sized ship was used as a target for naval aviators to fulfill the task of destroying the mock enemy.

"The results of direct hits are confirmed by telemetry and visually from unmanned aerial vehicles. To ensure the safety of combat exercises, more than 20 warships and auxiliary vessels, as well as aircraft of the Naval Aviation and Air Defense of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia were involved to close the area that would be dangerous for navigation" the report said.

Earlier, submarines of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia, the Rostov-on-Don and the Novorossiysk carried out launches of Kalibr missiles aimed at land and above-water targets at the Opuk training area and in the Black Sea.

Russia’s Black Sea Fleet began their planned military exercises in annexed Crimea on October 2. The General Staff of Ukraine have called Russian military exercises in the Crimea illegal.


  Russian military exercises, Black Sea Fleet, Su-30SM