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  • Russia and Israel to coordinate actions in Syria.

    Netanyahu: Russia and Israel will coordinate actions in SyriaIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced a joint plan with Russia to coordinate military action in Syria."My goal was to eliminate misunderstanding between the Israeli army and Russian forces," - said Netanyahu after talks in Moscow with Russian President Vladimir Putin.According to the Israeli Prime Minister, leaders of the two countries agreed on mechanisms to prevent accidentally trading fire between soldiers of Israel …

  • First 'Refuseniks' for the Russian mission to Syria

    It is a well known fact now that Russia is sending not only military equipment and weapons, but also its personnel to Syria. Compared with the average salary of a military in The Russian Federation, it's mercenaries get paid very good money. But as reported, there appear the first "refuseniks" who would not go to the "far away hot lands" whatever the pay might be.

    Unrests started in one of the units in the Eastern Military District of the Russian Federation, because of soldiers refusing to go …

  • Fake Syrian passport costs 750 Euro

    A Dutch journalist based in Syria has managed to get a forged Syrian passport and ID card with a photograph of prime minister Mark Rutte on it.

    It cost Harald Doornbos only some €750 for the passport, which he was able to pick up from the forgers within 40 hours. The forger told Doornbos that he would be able to enter Cyprus with the passport. The aim of the exercise, according to Doornbos, had not been to buy a forged passport featuring Rutte, but he had been asked to supply a name and …

  • New Russian weapons used by Syrian army

    As reported by Reuters on Thursday, the Syrian military has started using new types of air and ground weapons supplied by Russia.

    The weapons are described by a source in the Syrian army as "highly accurate and effective, and hit targets precisely."

    The source declined to give further details about the weapons.

    Earlier U.S. officials said the United States had identified a small number of Russian helicopters at a Syrian airfield, although it was not clear when the Russian helicopters had …

  • Russia is stepping up its military presence in Syria.

    Three Russian military cargo jets have landed in Syrian in the recent days.

    They have delivered mobile housing units and military equipment.

    American officials said that most likely Russian is trying to build its military base and also an air control center in Syria to aid an embattled President Bashar al-Assad.

    Previously Bulgaria refused to provide an air space corridor to Russian Syria-bound flights.

    Although today Russian officials have confirmed that the airspace has been provided by …

  • Bulgarian airespace is closed to Russian fllights

    Bulgaria has closed the country's airspace to Syrian-bound Russian flights.

    Bulgarian authorities have not given any reason for refusal to provide an airspace to  two Russian flights.The planes will have to take an alternate route over Iran.Russian Federation has submitted a request to Bulgarian authorities to provide airspace to  two Russian flights to deliver humanitarian aid to Syria.Bulgarian authorities have  refused to provide an airspace  without giving an official reason.On Monday, …

  • Bulgaria closed its air for Russian aircrafts to Syria

    Bulgaria closed its air for Russian aircrafts with humanitarian aid to Syria.

    According to the Greek edition of Kathimerini, the decision of Bulgaria will "simplify” the life of Greek government. "We have enough information that makes us have serious doubts about the cargo of the planes, which is the reason for the refusal," the Bulgarian foreign ministry’s spokeswoman said on Tuesday. Earlier it was reported that Greece received a request from the US to prohibit Russian aircraft with …