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  • Israel strikes Iranian targets in Syria

    On the evening of May 4, Syrian air defense forces repelled an air attack in Aleppo province, reports the Syrian news agency SANA.

    According to the agency, Israel was behind the attack targeting a research center.

    A SANA military source later said the attack also targeted military depots near the town of Al Safirah in northwestern Syria.

    "At 22:32 on May 4, the enemy aircraft appeared on radar screens. The aircraft carried out missile strikes on military warehouses in the area of Al Safirah. …

  • Russian and American military face off in Northern Syria

    The Russian military did not let a US military convoy to enter the town of Qamishli in Northern Syria, Telegram-channel "Military Informant" reports.

    The post was published on the evening of May 2. The date of the incident is not reported. According to the author, the Russians and Americans got into confrontation on the outskirts of the city. Photos published in the post show that two Russian armored personnel carriers blocked the path of the US military convoy. It is noted that after that the …

  • Satellite images show extensive damage to Syrian airbase after Israeli airstrike

    The Israeli company Imagesat International (iSi) published satellite photographs of the Syrian Shayrat airbase showing the repairs to the airbase after the Israeli airstrike on March 31.

    The images were taken by the satellite Eros B. On them, one can see that runways, taxiways and navigation systems of the airbase were completely destroyed.

    “After two weeks of repairing due to a massive airstrike (31 March 2020), Shayrat airbase, Syria, shows signs of returning to operational activity. It is …

  • Israeli helicopters strike targets in Syria

    On Friday, May 1, Israeli helicopters attacked ground targets 40 km southwest of Damascus, reported the Syrian news agency SANA.

    It is noted that the missile strikes were carried out from the Golan Heights at a number of Syrian Army positions in the Quneitra Governorate.

    According to the agency, only material damage was caused. There is no information about the dead. According to the Syrian radio station Sham FM, five rockets were fired.

    Meanwhile, according to unofficial sources, there are …

  • Turkey begins offensive in Syria

    Turkey has launched an offensive in Syria, striking militant positions near the M4 motorway near the village of Nayrab in Idlib province, reported the Russian newspaper Izvestia, citing sources familiar with the situation.

    Several airstrikes were carried out on Hayat Tahrir al-Sham strongholds. According to the newspaper, the intensity of fighting in Idlib increased dramatically after the Turkish military, as part of the March agreement with Russia, tried to unblock the M4 motorway, partially …

  • Israeli strike on Syria kills nine pro-Iranian militants

    At least nine pro-Iranian fighters loyal to Lebanon's Hezbollah were killed last night in a missile strike near Palmyra in Homs province, reported the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), referring to its activists on the ground.

    The organization, which is in opposition to Assad's regime, regularly reports on what is happening in Syria, drawing information from its own independent sources, which are not subject to strict state censorship.

    The Observatory said in a statement that the …

  • Russian media publishes footage of Wagner mercenaries’ crimes in Syria

    Russia's Novaya Gazeta has published video footage showing members of the Wagner Private Military Company (PMC) with the severed head of their victim, a Syrian man who was severely tortured before his death.

    The publication names one of the alleged perpetrators of the massacre: Stanislav Dychko, born in 1990. According to Novaya Gazeta, he has been a Wagner mercenary fighter since 2016.

    The material was published under the headline "Thugs 2.0." It opens with Novaya Gazeta reminding that six …

  • Israeli warplanes bomb Syrian troops near Palmyra

    Israeli combat aircraft, successfully bypassing the Syrian S-300 Russian S-400 air defense systems, managed to break into the central and northern part of Homs province and attack at least three populated areas. The reason for the attack remains unknown, however, neither the Syrian nor the Russian military was able to detect the attack in advance. The Syrian air defense systems were activated only after the first wave of the air strikes.

    The areas near the settlements as Al-Sukhnah, Al ' …

  • Russian fighter jet intercepts U.S. reconnaissance plane off Syrian coast

    A Russian military aircraft escorted a U.S. reconnaissance plane that was flying over the neutral waters of the Mediterranean Sea toward Russian military facilities in Syria. The Russian fighter jet was scrambled from Khmeimim airbase to intercept the American aircraft, reported TASS with reference to the Russian Ministry of Defense.

    According to the report, Russian radars spotted the American plane on April 19. "A fighter jet from the on-duty air defense forces of Khmeimim airbase was sent to …

  • Kremlin: new Russian Armata tanks have been tested in Syria

    The new Russian tank T-14 Armata had been tested in Syria, said the Russian Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov. "Yes, absolutely right... they were in Syria," Manturov said on the talk show "Acting persons with Nailya Askerzade” on Rossiya-1 TV channel.

    According to the minister, these tanks were sent to Syria "to assess all details in combat conditions." He noted that it will help to form the "final image" of the tank, which will be delivered to the Russian army.

    "Starting next …