After unsuccessful rebellion Prigozhin loses all his investments in Syria

"There are no more Wagner fighters in Syria," anonymous sources in the Syrian government told Russian news agency Russia Today. According to them, all Wagner activities have also been terminated in Syria.

Syrian officials claim that now in the territories controlled by Damascus, only large Russian state-owned companies and units of the Russian regular army operate. Their main base is at the Khmeimim airport. Russia Today notes that Russian investigators interrogated the military in Khmeimim, who were associated with the Wagner PMC in the past, but no one was detained. Earlier, the Syrian opposition claimed that after Prigozhin's rebellion, the Russian military police arrested three commanders of PMC units stationed in Syria.

The Israeli news website Nziv, which specializes in the Middle East, reports that in early 2018, Prigozhin invested heavily in the development of three oil fields in the Syrian desert. Money was transferred to the budget of the Assad regime through the companies Vilada and Mercury.

"Natsiv" notes that Prigozhin, through the companies Apropolis and Capital, also acquired shares in several operating oil fields, which were recaptured in early 2018 from ISIS. Under an agreement with the Assad regime, Prigozhin receives 25% of the income from these investments. Until recently, the facilities were protected by Wagner mercenaries. In mid-2020, Novaya Gazeta published an investigation according to which Prigozhin receives approximately $20 million a month from the sale of Syrian natural resources. Russian opposition leader Mark Feygin said on June 26 that the owner of the PMC manages funds and property worth $ 15 billion.

The Wall Street Journal reported today that Russian official went to Mali, the Central African Republic and Syria to take control of commercial facilities owned by the owner of Wagner. In Russia itself, the seizure of Prigozhin's property began almost immediately after the failure of the rebellion. Thus, the work of the famous "troll factory" owned by Prigozhin has been paralyzed for almost a week. Employees of Prigozhin’s numerous media companies are waiting for an imminent change of ownership. According to them, the managements will be replaced at the Patriot holding, which is owned by Prigozhin.

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