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  • Russian Foreign Ministry: UN Human Rights Council has become platform for settling political scores

    The Russian Foreign Ministry’s deputy director of Humanitarian Cooperation and Human Rights, Grigory Lukyantsev, accused the UN Human Rights Council of becoming a platform for lambasting certain countries and settling political scores, TASS reported.

    "We have to note that the Council’s agenda has become an instrument for promoting conjunctural interests of several countries and groups. Discussions more and more often turn to settling political scores, mentorship, defamation of states. Moreover, …

  • Churkin: Russia will be reelected to the UN Human Rights Council next year

    Russia's Permanent Representative to the UN, Vitaly Churkin, said that Russia will be re-elected to the UN Human Rights Council next year. This was said on 28 October, when commenting on the results of the vote of the General Assembly, when Russia did not receive the required majority of votes, losing to Hungary and Croatia.

    "We were in it for several years, I'm sure the next time we will be included again," Churkin said, adding that Russia "needs a break."

    More than 80 human rights groups …