Russian Foreign Ministry: UN Human Rights Council has become platform for settling political scores

The Russian Foreign Ministry’s deputy director of Humanitarian Cooperation and Human Rights, Grigory Lukyantsev, accused the UN Human Rights Council of becoming a platform for lambasting certain countries and settling political scores, TASS reported.

"We have to note that the Council’s agenda has become an instrument for promoting conjunctural interests of several countries and groups. Discussions more and more often turn to settling political scores, mentorship, defamation of states. Moreover, the ungrounded geographical imbalance in the matter of human rights situations in one or another country does not reflect real tendencies, but rather represents a result of political orders," Lukyantsev said.

The deputy director also noted that Russia decries “attempts to use the HRC for including different politically charged issues on the agenda for the UN General Assembly.”

"UN bodies authorized to deal with human rights should not interfere in the competence of other structures within the organization,” Lukyantsev stressed.

The Russian representative also accused countries of “submitting deliberately confrontational topics to HRC’s consideration instead of looking for unifying issues.”

Last Friday, Russia was voted of the UNHRC.

Human rights organizations have stated that Russia’s actions in Syria do not comply with the principles and objectives of the council.

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