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  • Putin: U.S. wants to have Ukraine under its control at Russia’s expense

    The United States is trying to ensure the prosperity of Ukraine at the expense of Russia, said Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    "They [the U.S.] are courting Ukraine and taking it under control, but they want Ukraine to live off our money as well," said Putin in an interview with TASS for the special project "20 questions to Vladimir Putin."

    "They don't want to give them [Ukraine] money," Putin added

    According to Russian President, Russia is supporting Kyiv with funds that Moscow pays for …

  • US military patrol prevents Russian convoy from reaching oil field in northeastern Syria

    The Russian military convoy was unable to reach an oil field in Al Hasakah province in northeastern Syria via the M4 highway. Their way was blocked by the U.S. military, Anadolu reports, citing its sources on the ground.

    According to Anadolu, an American patrol arrived in the village of Tall Tamr in the western province of Al Hasakah, where it stopped a Russian military convoy consisting of four vehicles. As a result, the Russian military, which was traveling along the M4 motorway to the oil …

  • U.S. aircraft conduct reconnaissance flights near Russian bases in Syria

    Two U.S. Air Force aircraft alternately conducted long reconnaissance flights off the Syrian coast near the Russian Khmeimim airbase and the Russian Navy's logistics base in the port of Tartus.

    According to Interfax, a U.S. Air Force RC-135W reconnaissance aircraft was the first plane to be spotted near the Syrian and Lebanese coasts. It took off from Souda Bay Air Base on the island of Crete. The aircraft made a series of overflights at a distance of about 50-60 km from the Russian bases at …

  • U.S. forces block large Russian military convoy from travelling on a road in northern Syria

    U.S. military units once again blocked a Russian military convoy in northeastern Syria. The incident took place in the Syrian province of Hasaka, when Russian military equipment was being transported to one of the bases.

    "According to news reports, a large Russian military convoy tried to transport equipment passing through the Tal Tamr roundabout when it was blocked by an American patrol. A Russian military convoy reportedly tried to head towards the town of Qamishli when they were met by an …

  • Putin says Trump confessed to him about huge military spending

    Russian President Vladimir Putin said said that U.S. leader Donald Trump admitted that the US is spending too much on its military.

    "Donald [Trump] told me they [the US] have a crazy [military] budget passed for next year, $738 billion, in my opinion,” Putin said in an interview with the Russian news agency TASS.

    He added that the US president had " said this with regret" and said "too much spending." "I have to do it. He is generally a supporter of disarmament, as he says," Putin concluded. …

  • Poland considers buying M1 Abrams tanks from US

    Poland has decided to consider the possibility of purchasing US-produced M1 Abrams tanks. Among other things, the country will need to determine the extent to which these tanks would improve the army’s capabilities in view of the current threats. Poland’s political elite still consider Russia the primary threat to the country.

    Starting next year, Poland will commence with a 15-year program to upgrade the army and navy. As part of the program, the Polish command intends to replace the army’s “ …

  • US accuses Russia of mass coronavirus disinformation campaign

    The US has accused Russia of conducting a large-scale disinformation campaign on the situation surrounding the coronavirus, AFP reports, citing its own sources.

    According to the agency’s sources, thousands of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts linked to Russia have been spreading disinformation about the COVID-19 virus which puts the US in a bad light.

    The campaign, which includes a conspiracy theory, was begun by Russia one month ago, the sources claim.

    “Russia’s goal is to sow …

  • Elon Musk’s satellites scare Kremlin

    A group of 12,000 satellites launched by Elon Musk's SpaceX Starlink can be used for military purposes, said the chief designer of the Russian Missile Attack Warning System, the general director of the defense company VYMpel, Sergey Boev, as qoted by Interfax.

    Boev recalled that John Raymond met with Musk, Richard Branson (head of Virgin Galactic) and others involved in space development almost immediately after his appointment as first Chief of the U.S. Space Force’s.

    John Raymond wanted to …

  • US troops block Russian military convoy from travelling on Syrian highway

    The U.S. military blocked the way of a Russian military convoy heading towards the town of Amuda in the Syrian province of Al Hasakah. A video of the incident, taken from a car, was published by the “Military Observer” Telegram channel. The footage shows that the Americans blocked the path of a Russian jeep and three armored personnel carriers with Russian flags.

    This is not the first such incident in Syria.

    In January, it was reported that the U.S. military blocked the Russians from …

  • Russian state agency employee detained in Spain at US request

    Olesya Krasilova, a Russian citizen and employee of the state agency All-Russian Plant Quarantine Center, was detained while departing from Tenerife airport, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Friday, February 21. This happened on February 14, when the Russian was returning from a business trip, which she went to on February 10, as part of an official Russian delegation, the Foreign Ministry said. The organization in which she works is subordinate to the Russian Federal Service for Veterinary …