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  • Ukrainian President Zelensky's party names opponents and allies

    In an interview with the newspaper Ukrainska Pravda, the chief of staff of Ukrainian President Zelensky's party Servant of the People (Sluha Narodu) Alexander Kornienko said that their party does not consider any of the "old political forces" as their allies. At the same time, the party has the same values as Svyatoslav Vakarchuk's new political party the Voice (Holos).

    In his opinion, the plans of Servant of the People intersect with Voice "in some regions in the West and a little in Kyiv."

    " …

  • Famous Ukrainian musician Vakarchuk calls on Ukrainians to change the current system of power

    Ukrainian rock musician and leader of the Okean Elzy band Svyatoslav Vakarchuk urged Ukrainians to demolish the current system of power. In his opinion, representatives of the people should replace current officials, Radio Liberty reports."You have to become hunters for dishonesty, hunters for irresponsibility, hunters for corruption, and hunters for an archaic desire to hold on to everything that is bad. You have to become hunters and you must feel the fear of this victim, which you hunt. …