Famous Ukrainian musician Vakarchuk calls on Ukrainians to change the current system of power

Ukrainian rock musician and leader of the Okean Elzy band Svyatoslav Vakarchuk urged Ukrainians to demolish the current system of power. In his opinion, representatives of the people should replace current officials, Radio Liberty reports.

"You have to become hunters for dishonesty, hunters for irresponsibility, hunters for corruption, and hunters for an archaic desire to hold on to everything that is bad. You have to become hunters and you must feel the fear of this victim, which you hunt. Because nothing inspires more, nothing shows success to the hunter better than the fear of the victim. Let them know that you know that they are afraid of you. Let them know that you know that they must leave," he stressed.

Vakarchuk was adamant that this was the right way to enact change. "You, as hunters against the system, must get into the system and destroy it so that it would never again corrode, like cancer, this long-suffering country, which deserves very different things. This talented people suffered so much, this talented people were used so much, this talented people were manipulated so many times that it's time to say enough," he said to Ukrainians.

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