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  • Ukrainian Forces continue offensive near Bakhmut

    Ukrainian troops continue their offensive near Bakhmut. Over the past day, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have advanced more than a kilometer in different areas around the city, said the Deputy Defense Minister of Ukraine, Hanna Malyar.

    "Now the enemy is moving its reserves to this direction," Malyar added.

    According to her, as of today, the Russian regular army is conducting military operations, airborne assault detachments have been involved. The mercenaries of the Wagner Group also remain in …

  • Kyiv: Ukrainian Forces continue to advance near Bakhmut

    Ukrainian forces are advancing in the Bakhmut area and in several other directions in the Donetsk region, said Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Hanna Malyar speaking on Ukrainian TV.

    "We are conducting a defensive and offensive operation. We have a set of measures, and I emphasize once again: do not focus exclusively on offensive actions. This is a range of different actions, including offensive ones. Today, we also have successes. We are talking about the flanks around Bakhmut and other …

  • Kyiv: destruction of Nova Kakhovka dam will not stop Ukrainian counteroffensive

    Ukraine is revising the plans for the counteroffensive due to the destruction of the Kakhovka dam, said the adviser to the head of the Ukrainian presidential office, Mykhailo Podolyak.

    "Adjustments will be made in any case, but they are always made during large-scale actions. In any case, adjustments are made based on the changes in the situation along the front line or in the occupied territories," he said.

    At the same time, Podolyak noted that "strategically this will not change anything," …

  • Kyiv: Ukrainian Forces begin offensive operations in specific areas

    The Ukrainian Forces are moving to offensive operations in some areas of the front, reported Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Malyar on Telegram .

    "A defensive operation contains everything, including counter-offensive actions. Therefore, in some areas we are moving to offensive actions," Malyar said.

    She stressed that the Bakhmut direction remains the epicenter of the fighting. There, Ukrainian troops move on a fairly wide front, succeed and capture dominant heights.

    According to …

  • President Zelensky: Ukraine is ready for counteroffensive

    Ukraine is ready for a counteroffensive, said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in an interview with the editor-in-chief of the Wall Street Journal, Emma Tucker, held in Odessa. According to Zelensky, Ukraine still needs additional resources, but cannot wait for months.

    "There are several options for the development of the situation, completely different. But we will do it, we are ready," the Ukrainian President said.

    Zelensky noted that he has no doubts about the success of the …

  • Zelensky: Ukraine is not going to draw NATO into war with Russia

    Ukraine does not plan to involve any NATO member country in the war unleashed by Russia. Therefore, there will be no full membership in the Alliance while the war is going on, said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky during a joint press conference with Estonian President Alar Karis in Kyiv.

    "We are reasonable people. We understand that we will not drag any NATO country into a war. Therefore, we understand that we will not be members of NATO while this war is going on. Not because we don't …

  • Occupied Berdyansk comes under Ukrainian missile attack

    On June 2, several explosions were heard around noon in the occupied Berdyansk. According to the Telegram channel Berdyansk Today, after that, the smoke began to rise over the city port.

    "An explosion was also heard in the village of Osypenko, and there was gray-colored smoke in the area of the military training site, but it quickly disappeared, and a strip was visible in the sky, and it was clearly not from the plane," eyewitnesses said.

    The head of the Berdyansk city military administration, …

  • Russian border city of Shebekino attacked by armed opposition forces

    The Russian Volunteer Corps, an armed unit of Russian opposition which is fighting on the side of Ukraine, published a video, stating that its fighters are on the border of Russia and Ukraine - and "the outskirts of Shebekino will be seen very soon."

    The Telegram Channel Baza reports that on the morning of June 1, the Shebekino border crossing was attacked from the Ukrainian side with the support of tanks. According to Baze, the attack was repulsed.

    The governor of the Belgorod region, …

  • Russian media: Putin’s residence was targeted in Ukrainian drone attack on Moscow

    During a drone attack on Moscow and the Moscow region on May 30, drones almost hit the residence of Russian president Vladimir Putin in Novo-Ogaryovo while he was staying there, reports The Moscow Times, citing a source close to the Kremlin.

    According to the source, Putin was woken up early in the morning by his security service because of the air threat. The fact that Putin had to wake up earlier than usual was also announced by Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov.

    State Duma deputy …

  • Putin accuses Ukraine of drone attack on Moscow, threatens to retaliate

    Russian President Vladimir Putin commented on today's drone attack on Moscow and the Moscow region. According to him, with such attacks, Kyiv provokes the Russian Federation to mirror actions.

    "We'll see what to do about it," Putin said. He stressed that Russia is striking at military infrastructure in Ukraine, in response, Kyiv is hitting residential buildings.

    "The Kyiv regime has chosen the path of intimidating Russia, intimidating Russian citizens and attacking residential buildings. This, …