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  • Iran supplies Russia with combat drones

    Iran is delivering combat drones to Russia. The first shipment of Shahed-129 drones has already been sent through the Caspian Sea, reported the Ukrainian news website

    According to journalists, the military cargo from Iran will be delivered to Astrakhan and Volgograd, and then to the Ukrainian border. The Shahed-129 drones were designed on the basis of the Israeli Hermes 450 drone and the American MQ-1 Predator.

    The length of the drone’s fuselage is 8 meters. The wingspan is 16 …

  • More than 1,000 Russian troops encircled by Ukrainian Forces in Kherson region

    During the counteroffensive in the Kherson region, the Ukrainian Armed Forces encircled three battalion tactical groups of the Russian Army, including a special forces (VDV) company and a tank company. Up to 2,000 Russian troops are in the operational encirclement near the village of Vysokopillya. They requested a "green corridor" from the Ukrainian military, reported The Insider, citing sources in the Ukrainian army.

    Ukrainian Forces carried out an offensive in the directions of Olhyne - …

  • Key bridge in Russia-occupied Kherson disabled by Ukrainian artillery strikes

    After the artillery strikes of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the Antonovsky Bridge in the Kherson region, the Russian troops lost the ability to move heavy loads, including military equipment, over it, said the ex-adviser to the head of the Kherson Regional Arministrration Serhiy Khlan.

    "The Antonovsky Bridge cannot currently be used for transportation of heavy equipment and truck traffic. It has been closed since yesterday. Only car traffic is allowed. In fact, for a day now, the occupiers …

  • Despite promises, German government reduces military support for Ukraine

    Despite its promises, the German government has not increased military support for Ukraine. The government opposition calls such behavior shameful, reported Die Welt.

    On Monday, Chancellor Olaf Scholz said: "We will support Ukraine – as long as it needs this support: economically, humanitarianly, financially and through the supply of weapons."

    However, as noted, the actions of the government do not correspond to its statements.

    As the newspaper notes, the list of weapons supplied to Ukraine, …

  • Putin: Russian troops withdrew from Kyiv region to create conditions for negotiations with Ukraine

    During his visit to Iran, Russian president Vladimir Putin said that the Russian troop withdrew troops from the Kyiv region in order to “create conditions” for Russian-Ukrainian negotiations.

    According to Putin, at the talks in Istanbul, the parties "have actually reached an agreement, it remains only to initialize it."

    "In order to create these conditions (for negotiations), our troops withdrew from the center of Ukraine, from Kyiv. The Kyiv authorities refused to implement these agreements, …

  • Kyiv invites Western weapons manufactures to test their new products in Ukraine

    Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov invited Western defense companies to test new weapons in Ukraine.

    Reznikov said that Kyiv is interested in using modern combat systems against the enemy, so it invites arms manufacturers to test their new products in Ukraine. According to Reznikov, such cooperation would be beneficial for everyone.

    "A lot of weapons are tested in the field in real combat conditions against the Russian army, which has many of its own modern systems. We share all the …

  • Russian ambassador: North Korean workers could help to rebuild Donbas

    Russian Ambassador to North Korea Alexander Matsegora said in an interview with the Russian newspaper Izvestia that north Korean workers could be involved in the restoration of Ukrainian cities destroyed by the Russian army. Matsegora blamed Ukraine for the destruction.

    "There are prospects for cooperation between the DPRK and the Donbas republics, and they are quite extensive. Highly qualified, hardworking and ready to work in the most difficult conditions, Korean construction workers will be …

  • Russia starts using S-300 air-defense systems to hit ground targets in Ukraine

    In recent weeks, the Russian troops have begun to strike ground targets with anti-aircraft missiles from the S-300 systems, reported the Ukrainian Air Force Command.

    The reason for using the heavy anti-aircraft missiles is that the Russia is trying to save the newer ones, such as Kalibr cruise missiles.

    The Ukrainian military suggests that the Russians have surplus of S-300 missiles and therefore started using them to bomb Mykolaiv and Kharkiv.

    The Ukrainian Air Force command notes that the …

  • Kyiv: Ukrainian military command coordinates actions of Ukrainian partisans

    The Ukrainian military command coordinates the actions of Ukrainian partisans in the occupied territories of southern Ukraine, said the head of the press center of the Security and Defense Forces of the Operational Command South, Natalia Gumenyuk.

    She noted that these actions are coordinated and are bringing results. "We all have a common goal. We all seek to liberate Ukraine from the enemy. We work in coordination with them. We have understanding. Our actions are coordinated, and this brings …

  • Bundestag Defense Committee calls on Scholz to convene ‘National Conference on Ukraine’

    Chairman of the German Bundestag Defense Committee Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann called on Chancellor Olaf Scholz to convene a "National Conference on Ukraine" as soon as possible to agree on further actions to help Ukraine, reports the news agency dpa.

    The conference should be attended by representatives of the government, the Armed Forces of Germany, defense industry and trade unions, suggested Strack-Zimmermann. "The goal should be to draw up an orderly plan and initiate the next targeted …