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  • Belarus: hype around Zapad-2017 military exercises incomprehensible

    Belarusian Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces Oleg Belokonev called the excitement around the Russian-Belarusian Zapad-2017 exercises, which will be held in September, incomprehensible. He assured that the Russian group participating in the exercises in the territory of the Republic of Belarus would return to Russia by September 30, BelaPAN news website reports.

    "The exercise will allow us in practice to improve infrastructure sharing arrangements in the interest of ensuring the …

  • Command of Ukrainian Armed Forces: Ukraine ready to respond to invasion of Russian troops during Zapad-2017 exercises

    After the introduction of Lieutenant-General Anatoly Sirotenko as the new head of the Ivan Chernyakhovsky National Defense University of Ukraine, Ukrainian Minister of Defense Stepan Poltorak stated that the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has made preparations in case of a threat of invasion by Russian troops during the Russian-Belarusian West-2017 exercises, which will be held on September 14-20.

    “We are monitoring the situation. We know about all the movements of Russian troops  …

  • The Polish Ambassador to the United States expressed grave concerns about the Russian-Belarusian exercise

    Eastern European countries are in an atmosphere of "fear and uncertainty" in connection with the forthcoming West-2017 joint Russian and Belarusian military exercise, said Polish Ambassador to the United States Piotr Wilczek. The West-2017 drills will take place on the territory of Belarus from September 14 to 20.

    "We do not know much about this exercise due to the lack of transparency. This is primarily a danger to Ukraine and it is a potential threat to other countries too. I'm not saying …

  • Lithuanian intelligence: Russia needs two days to begin military action in the Baltic

    Russia continues to build up military forces and mobilization readiness on its borders with the Baltic countries.

    This was stated in a joint report by the State Security Department and the Second Investigation Department under Ministry of National Defense in which threats to national security were assessed, as reported by Delfi, in referring to a press conference in the Seimas of Lithuania, where the report was presented.

    “This is a signal that NATO and Lithuania should be ready to engage in …

  • Belarusian Defense Minister: Joint military exercises with Russia does not pose a threat to anyone

    Western countries, especially the Baltic states, should not be afraid of the exercises which Belarus and Russia are planning to carry out this year, as stated by Andrei Ravkov, Defense Minister of Belarus.

    According to him, the fears which have been expressed by a number of politicians and experts are “hysteria”, Belarus Segodnya news website reports.

    “Zapad 2017” does not pose a threat to European countries, since “it has a defensive character, not directed against third countries, and it is …

  • Ukrainian representative in NATO claims Russia is preparing provocations using exercises as cover

    The Acting Head of the Mission of Ukraine to NATO, Yehor Bozhok, implied that Russia can take advantage of the Zapad (“West”) 2017 summer exercise to commit more provocations.

    In an interview with Ukrinform, he said, "We should be concerned that the deterioration of the situation in eastern Ukraine continues while the Russian Federation conducts the Zapad-2017 military exercises in the summer and fall. Apparently, they will be held close to the borders of Ukraine, in the south-east."

    Bozhok …