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  • Ukraine starts buying gas from Polish PGNiG

    Ukrainian Naftogaz and the Polish company PGNiG signed a contract for the supply of gas to Ukraine in March 2018, as reported by the press service of the Ukrainian company.

    Supplies began on the morning of March 2nd via the Hermanowice node. During this month, according to the terms of the agreement, the Polish company will supply Ukraine with more than 60 million cubic meters of gas.

    At the same time, PGNiG head, Piotr Wozniak, indicated their readiness to increase the volume of supplies or …

  • Ukraine will temporarily reduce transit of gas from Russia to Europe because of accident in Austria

    Ukraine will temporarily reduce the volume of gas transit from Russia to Europe because of an explosion at a gas distribution station in Austria, as stated by Ukrainian gas transport operator Ukrtransgaz.

    “As a result of the emergency situation in the EU, there will be a temporary reduction in the volume of transit of natural gas through Ukraine in the Slovak direction,” the report said.

    At the same time, gas imports from Slovakia will be provided according to the usual daily average of 22 …

  • French company Engie interested in gas production in Ukraine

    Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman held a meeting with the chief executive officer of the French company, Engie, Isabelle Kocher.

    According to the press service of the Ukrainian government, this company provides up to 20% of gas supplies to Ukraine and now its management is exploring further cooperation in projects to increase gas production in Ukraine.

    "For a long time, the oil and gas sector was completely closed. After changing the state policy and introducing new technological …

  • Russia’s Gazprom continues to supply gas to separatist-held territories and billing Ukraine for it

    In the first half of 2017, Russian Gazprom delivered 1,389 billion cubic meters of gas to the separatist DPR (Donetsk People’s Republic) and LPR (Luhansk People’s Republic. The price of Russian gas as of the first quarter of 2017 was $306.6 per thousand cubic meters, as supported by the data from Gazprom’s report for the second quarter.

    Ukraine has not been importing gas from Russia for more than 600 days, which means, all deliveries go to separatist-held territories of Ukraine.

    According to …

  • Direct deliveries of Norwegian gas to Ukraine will be possible starting in 2022

    Ukraine will be able to receive gas directly from Norway starting in 2022, said the Advisor to the Minister of Energy and Coal Industry, Maxim Belyavsky, referring to the signing of a memorandum of cooperation between Poland and Denmark to ensure direct gas supplies from Norway.

    "The direct flow of Norwegian gas to Ukraine is now a reality, starting from 2022. What remains for us is to build a pipeline inter-connector between Ukraine and Poland. The procurement of pipes should begin in the …

  • Gazprom has increased gas supplies to the Donbas by 41%

    In 2016, Russian gas monopoly Gazprom supplied 2.39 billion cubic meters of natural gas to the Luhansk and Donetsk regions that are beyond Ukraine’s control. That is 40.6% or 69 million cubic meters more than in 2015, as indicated in Gazprom’s quarterly reports, reported. According to the document, gas supplies to Ukraine in 2016 amounted to 2.39 billion cubic meters.

    “At the same time, Naftogaz of Ukraine ceased the purchasing of gas from the Russian company in November 2015. …

  • Naftogaz expects to be accused of gas theft from Gazprom

    Ukraine's Naftogaz expects to be accused of gas theft by Gazprom regarding its inability to ensure transit in connection with the severe frosts in Russia.

    As stated by the President of the Center for Global Studies Strategy XXI, Mykhailo Gonchar, in a Facebook post, Gazprom might not have enough gas to provide for all Russian and European consumers fully.

    “Arctic cold is quickly moving to the east, and even though Europe was affected for a couple of days, the real cold is in Russia. And …

  • Naftogaz head: Ukraine needs a European company to manage its gas transport system

    To keep its status as a transit country, Ukraine needs to get a European company to manage its natural gas transportation system, the head of NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine, Andriy Kobolyev proposed.

    "The ultimate goal of the process of creating a separate GTS operator is to involve a European company... that has its own interests. In fact we want to share a part of our business to make them help us guarantee that transit through the territory of Ukraine will remain after 2019," he said on Channel 5 …

  • Poland appeals the decision of the European Commission to expand Gazprom's access to the Opal pipeline

    Poland has appealed to the European Court of Justice over a European Commission decision to expand Gazprom's access to the Opal pipeline. This was stated by the Polish Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Joanna Wajda, Gazeta Prawna reported.

    According to her, the decision of the EC leads to a concentration of supplies in a single source, which is contrary to the principle of diversification.

    "According to Poland, this situation threatens the security of gas supplies to the EU, and particularly in …

  • Ukraine accused Gazprom of preparing a gas crisis

    Ukraine's Naftogaz believes that Russian Gazprom is preparing a new gas crisis in January and February 2017, as stated by the Ukrainian company's press-service.

    Earlier, Ukraine imposed a fine of 172 billion hryvnia on Gazprom. In turn, Miscow said that Kyiv may collect the fine by withdrawing gas. By doing so, the risk of disrupting the gas transit to the EU through Ukrainian territory is possible, the Russian company claims.

    "Naftogaz of Ukraine considers the statements of Gazprom about the …