Ukraine will temporarily reduce transit of gas from Russia to Europe because of accident in Austria

Ukraine will temporarily reduce the volume of gas transit from Russia to Europe because of an explosion at a gas distribution station in Austria, as stated by Ukrainian gas transport operator Ukrtransgaz.

“As a result of the emergency situation in the EU, there will be a temporary reduction in the volume of transit of natural gas through Ukraine in the Slovak direction,” the report said.

At the same time, gas imports from Slovakia will be provided according to the usual daily average of 22 million cubic meters. An insignificant decrease in gas supplies to Ukraine via the Hungarian route is expected.

“Limited gas imports from EU countries, or their temporary suspension, if necessary, will be made up to Ukrainian consumers by increasing the selection from domestic gas storage facilities, which were able to accumulate and store 15% more than last year,” Ukrtransgaz said.

As was reported, a powerful explosion occurred on the morning of December 12 at the largest gas distribution station in Austria near the city of Baumgarten. After the explosion, a fire broke out.

According to the latest information, as a result of the explosion one person was killed, 20 received minor injuries, and the condition of one of the injured is very serious.

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