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  • US Congress approved allocation of $350 million of military assistance to Ukraine

    The draft of the US defense budget for the 2018 fiscal year assumes that $350 million will be allocated to provide security assistance to Ukraine. The details of the document approved by the Senate and House of Representatives Armed Services Committees are posted on the Senate Committee’s website.

    "The NDAA ( National Defense Authorization Act) authorizes $350 million to provide security assistance to Ukraine, including defensive lethal assistance. The legislation restricts half of these funds …

  • US Senate approves military aid for Ukraine

    On September 18, the US Senate supported the key elements of the amendments to the US National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for 2018, which increases assistance to Ukraine in the area of security.

    The bill envisions the provision of $500 million of security assistance, including lethal and non-lethal equipment, training and technical assistance, Voice of America reports.

    This is the first time the bill allows for aid to be given to increase Ukraine’s naval capabilities, which deteriorated …