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  • Russia to move additional fighter jets to Crimea

    Interfax reports that the Su-27SM and Su-30M2 fighters will return to the Crimean airfield Belbek after the reconstruction of the airfield is complete.

    “On December 22nd, 2018 more than 10 Su-27SM and Su-30M2 fighters from the fighter jets regiment of the 4th Air Force and Air Defense Army will fly from the Krymsk airfield in the Krasnodar region to Belbek in the Republic of Crimea to the place of their permanent deployment,” said the Russian Ministry of Defense in a statement.

    The fighters …

  • Armenia may buy Su-30 fighters from Russia

    Acting Armenian Defense Minister David Tonoyan announced on Monday, November 12, at a press conference in Yerevan that his country is negotiating the purchase of Russian fighter jets. “Yes, these will be Su-30s,” he responded when asked which fighters were being discussed.

    Tonoyan also said that no decision has been made to buy Swedish multipurpose Saab JAS-39 Gripen fighters for the Armenian Air Force, despite reports in the media. However, he did note that Yerevan has received an offer “from …

  • Malaysia complains about problems with Russian Su-30 fighters

    Malaysia, which has purchased Russian Su-30MKM fighters for its Royal Air Force, is complaining of a number of issues that have emerged with the planes. For example, the aircraft are difficult to service, and it is more difficult to send them to Russia for servicing than it would be for aircraft purchased from the US. With Russia, cooperation between manufacturer and client has been hampered by bureaucratic delays, a high-ranking official familiar with the situation in the Royal Malaysian Air …

  • NATO fighter jets intercept Russian warplanes over the Black Sea

    Two RAF Typhoon fighter jets were launched over the Black Sea in response to two Russian aircraft flying in NATO airspace on August 25, the press service of the Royal Air Forces reports on Facebook.

    "Launching from their Romanian Mihail Kogălniceanu Air Base, the Typhoons responded to a Russian AN-26 and then a Be-12 heading over the Black Sea. 

    It’s the third time this week that RAF jets, on NATO’s Air Policing mission, have been scrambled to deter provocative Russian aircraft and reassure …