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  • Ukraine prepares UN draft resolution on Russia’s militarization of the Azov and Black Seas

    Ukraine’s Foreign Affairs Ministry announced that Ukraine is working on a draft resolution on Russia’s militarization of the Black Sea and Azov Sea, UNIAN reports. According to the Foreign Ministry, the UN General Assembly is expected to consider it in December.

    “This issue won’t be considered in the committee but is expected to be reviewed within the 73rd session of the UN General Assembly in December,” said Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Kateryna Zelenko.

    In December, the UN General …

  • The USA accuses Russia of 'aggressive behavior' over the Black Sea

    “Russia acted recklessly in international airspace over the Black Sea. We call on Russia to cease its unsafe, irresponsible, and aggressive behavior,” stated Acting Undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs Heather Nauert on Thursday.

    As the Pentagon stated earlier, a Russian fighter jet carried out an “unsafe interception” of an American reconnaissance aircraft flying in international air space over the Black Sea. The Russian SU-27 jet failed to establish radio contact …

  • NATO fighter jets intercept Russian warplanes over the Black Sea

    Two RAF Typhoon fighter jets were launched over the Black Sea in response to two Russian aircraft flying in NATO airspace on August 25, the press service of the Royal Air Forces reports on Facebook.

    "Launching from their Romanian Mihail Kogălniceanu Air Base, the Typhoons responded to a Russian AN-26 and then a Be-12 heading over the Black Sea. 

    It’s the third time this week that RAF jets, on NATO’s Air Policing mission, have been scrambled to deter provocative Russian aircraft and reassure …

  • New US warship enters Black Sea

    The USNS Carson City (T-EPF-7) transport ship has entered the Black Sea, the Ukrainian Military Portal reports. The Carson City is the first ship of the JHSV type to pass through Bosporus and enter the Black Sea. Ships of this class are multipurpose, designed to operate in fairways and shallow harbors, and capable of transporting troops, equipment, cargo, and of carrying out humanitarian missions.

    The ship can hold one infantry battalion or other divisions of average size, even with equipment …

  • British fighters intercept six Russian bombers over the Black Sea

    British soldiers stationed in Romania intercepted six Russian bombers over the Black Sea, reported the Romanian agency Agerpres.

    On August 13, Eurofighter Typhoon fighters took off from the Romanian Mihail Kogalniceanu base due to the presence of six Russian Su-24 bombers flying over the Black Sea near the NATO border towards the Crimea.

    "Before the take-off to intercept them, we were warned about the intense Russian air activity, which was observed throughout the night," - said one of the …

  • US Navy destroyer enters the Black Sea

    US Navy Destroyer USS Carney DDG 64 entered the Black Sea, as on the website of the 6th fleet of the US Navy.

    “The Carney destroyer entered the Black Sea in order to conduct maritime security operations,” the statement reads.

    The purpose of the destroyer’s arrival is to interact with allies and partners in the region. The Navy stressed that the Carney’s arrival in the Black Sea demonstrates the unchanged US commitment to security in the region.

    Carney belongs to the early “Arleigh Burke- …

  • Ukrainian President plans to expand Sea Breeze multinational exercises

    The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko stated on Facebook that next year’s multinational Sea Breeze exercises  would be conducted in more regions and will have more troops taking part in them. "We plan to increase the number of the military taking part in the exercises, especially from the naval forces, and to expand the territories for the Sea Breeze 2019 exercises next year,” he said.

    In 2018, Sea Breeze exercises were conducted from July 9 to July 21 in the Odessa and Mykolaiv regions …

  • Kremlin: Sea Breeze exercises in the Black Sea is 'a game with fire'

    Moscow views the American-Ukrainian Sea Breeze2018 exercise as another attempt to provoke an escalation of the situation in the Black Sea, stated Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova. "We view the exercises as another attempt to provoke tensions not only in the southeast of Europe but in the Black Sea in general,” Zakharova stated at a briefing. She also noted that those countries that involve Ukraine in dangerous “games with fire” and constantly accuse Russia of threatening the …