New US warship enters Black Sea

The USNS Carson City (T-EPF-7) transport ship has entered the Black Sea, the Ukrainian Military Portal reportsThe Carson City is the first ship of the JHSV type to pass through Bosporus and enter the Black Sea. Ships of this class are multipurpose, designed to operate in fairways and shallow harbors, and capable of transporting troops, equipment, cargo, and of carrying out humanitarian missions.

The ship can hold one infantry battalion or other divisions of average size, even with equipment such as M-1 Abrams tanks. The primary ship in the series is the USNS “Spearhead”, which was adopted by the US Navy at the end of 2012.

Ships in this class have a length of 103 meters and width of 28.5 meters. They have a range of 1,200 miles, and can also store an SH-60 Seahawk in the onboard hangar. 

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