Ukrainian State Border Guards confront Russian Border Service off Crimean coast

Ukrainian border guards, while on patrol, approached a drilling rig which was seized by Russia during the annexation of the Crimea. Russian ships from the Black Sea Fleet and the Coast Guard Service of the FSB immediately confronted them, reported the press service for the Ukrainian State Border Service.

“During a planned patrol the ship Nikolaev together with border service aircraft Diamond once again recorded events confirming illegal activities in the maritime economic zone of Ukraine. Self-lifting drilling rig Petro Hodovanets, which was illegally seized in 2014 and later renamed by occupying authorities as “Crimea-2,” was moved from Holitsynsky to Shtormove gas condensate field,” reads the message.

When the Coast Guard ship approached the area it is from, ships from Russia’s Black Sea Fleet and Coast Guard of the FSB Border Control approached the ship.

“In radio communications, our ship was asked about its reason for being in the economic zone of Russia. When they received our reply, that the Coast Guard ship for the State Border Service of Ukraine is in the maritime economic zone of Ukraine, they stated they have no more questions,” said the State Border Service.

As reported, materials regarding the illegal actions of Russia in the economic zone of Ukraine were sent to the military prosecutor's office, the prosecutor’s office of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, the Ukrainian Security Service.

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