Latvia detects Russian warship near its coast

A Russian warship was detected not far from the coast of Latvia, in the exclusive economic zone, reported the press service of the National Armed Forces of Latvia on Twitter. The incident occurred on Saturday, October 6th.

“On October 6th, in the exclusive economic zone of Latvia, at a distance of 14 nautical miles from the state border, the Russian Steregushchiy class ship was detected,” reported the Latvian military.

This is not the first such occurrence. In September of last year, in the exclusive economic zone of Latvia, three Russian military ships named Andromeda, Kilektor-1, and Bira were detected. In April 2017 a Russian submarine was discovered 15.4 nautical miles from the Latvian coast. Several days before that the National Armed Forces of Latvia discovered Russian submarines and a support ship near the Latvian shore.

Russian military ships and aircraft have been discovered more and more often near Baltic land borders and airspace after the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine and the worsening relationship between Russia and the West.  

  Latvia, Russia, Russian Navy