After phone conversation of Russian and Israeli Defense Ministers Israel launches air attacks on Syria

Syrian air defense systems "responded to the Israeli missile aggression carried out from the town of Majdal Shams in the Golan Heights,” Syrian news agency Sana reported. Sana states, citing "army sources”, that anti-aircraft systems “responded to the shelling and shot down most enemy missiles and limited the material damage they could cause".

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (an opposition to the Assad regime, based in London and with knowledgeable sources among the Syrian population) reports that "Israel bombed Assad regime army targets and pro-Iranian militias near Damascus."

SOHR reports, citing Syrian opposition sources, that Boeing belonging to Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps with weapons on board landed in Damascus airport on Sunday. The weapons were intended for pro-Iranian militants or for Hezbollah.

SOHR says five pro-Iranian militants were killed in Israel’s strikes. According to other unconfirmed reports, the victim of the air strike may have been an Iranian general.

The airstrikes, which are attributed to Israel, targeted militaryfacilities in Izraa, As Suwayda, Al Qunaitra, and the vicinity of Damascus.

The cargo must have been destroyed during the Israeli attack, but there is no firm evidence of this. Israel does not officially comment on reports of its involvement in airstrikes in Syria. The Syrians also do not share details in such cases.

Last Friday, the Israeli and Russian defense ministers held a telephone conversation. They discussed the "current situation in Syria" and "prospects of joint cooperation".

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