Almost a quarter of Ukrainians work in the shadow economy

According to State Statistics data, 22.9% of Ukrainians work in the ‘shadow economy’, or without official registration, UNN reports.

According to the agency, in 2017 the number of informally employed people aged 15-70 years reached 3,695,600 people, or 22.9% of the total number of the employed population of corresponding ages.

Of those working in the shadow economy, 1,514,700 (19.5%) were women, and 2,180,900 (26%) were men.

Informal employment is lower in urban areas—it accounts for 15.3% of unofficially working Ukrainians in such regions, while in rural areas this figure is 39.6%.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Economic Development and Trade recently reported that the level of the grey economy of Ukraine had decreased to 33% of GDP.

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