American F-35 fighter jets turned out to be 'invisible' for Russian S-400 missile systems

Despite the fact that it was previously reported that the Russian S-400 missile systems can detect American F-35 fighters at a distance of 200-250 kilometers, it turned out that these systems which are deployed in Syria were unable to do so, reports Al-Masdar News.

Al-Masdar notes that the emergence of the latest Russian S-500 missile systems is due to the inability of the S-400 systems to counter the "invisible" American fighter jets.

"It is expected that the Russian S-500 Prometheus missile system will be Moscow's response to the American F-35 stealth fighter, which already is in operation," Al-Masdar writes.

Despite the regular flights of American, British and Israeli F-35 fighter jets in the areas covered by S-400 air defense systems, no evidence has been demonstrated that these systems are capable of detecting stealth fighters at a distance of 200-300 kilometers, which causes a lot of controversy among Russian experts.

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