Assad: Repairing airstrike damage will cost Syria $400 billion

In order to restore the infrastructure in Syria that was destroyed in the airstrike by the US, Britain and France, Syria will need $400 billion and up to 15 years, as stated by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in a meeting with Russian MPs, Russian news agency  Interfax reports.

“President Assad said that nearly $400 billion will be required to restore the infrastructure of the Syrian Arab Republic, and this will take, according to his estimates, 10 to 15 years,” said Dmitry Sablin, coordinator of the State Duma’s contact group with Syrian parliament, at the end of the meeting.

Sablin claims that Assad also said that the coalition’s airstrikes “helped the Syrian people to stop fearing NATO countries”.

“He [Assad] drew attention to the fact that Syria continues its independent and sovereign development, despite the agenda imposed by the west,” Sablin added.

On the night before April 14, the US, France and Britain launched airstrikes against targets in Syria in response to Assad’s use of chemical weapons against civilians.

The Pentagon said that the strikes targeted a scientific research facility in Damascus connected to the production of chemical and biological weapons, and two targets close to Homs.

Later CNN published satellite photos provided by the companies DigitalGlobe and, which confirmed that the missile strike caused serious damage to the targets in Syria.

Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the US of aggravating the humanitarian catastrophe in Syria, and said that Russia would convene an emergency session of the UN Security Council “to discuss the aggressive actions of the US and its allies”.
On the evening of April 14, the UN Security Council rejected Russia’s proposed resolution to condemn the strike.

The French Foreign Ministry published a report on the alleged use of chemical weapons in Douma on April 7. The report is based on a technical analysis of information from open sources and declassified evidence acquired by the French services.

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