Austrian police accused Russian biathletes of violating anti-doping rules

Austrian police have accused several Russian biathletes, as well as coaches, doctors and massage therapists of violating anti-doping rules at the 2017 Biathlon World Championships, TV sports presenter Dmitry Guberniev said on his Instagram account on Thursday.

"A few hours ago, the Austrian police contacted the Russian national team. Here is the list of athletes, coaches, doctors and massage therapists who were accused of violating anti-doping rules during the 2017 World Championships in Hochfilzen, In Austria, it is a criminal offense. All the people who have appeared on this list are obliged to give explanations to the police,” wrote Guberniev.

The list includes the names of biathletes Evgeny Garanichev, Alexander Loginov, Anton Shipulin, Irina Starykh, Alexey Volkov, coach Alexander Kasperovich, doctors Artem Kryntsilov, Evgeny Shutov, and massage therapists Alexander Selyavkin, Dmitry Topychkanov.

The Russian national biathlon team is currently in Austrian Hochfilzen and is preparing for the second stage of the World Cup.

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