Belarus reveals unexpected details of integration plan with Russia

In 2019, Russia proposed to Minsk to transfer 95% of the power to the supranational level as part of the integration between the two countries, said the Belarusian Ambassador to Russia Vladimir Semashko.

He called such a proposal “a complete surrender”, BelTA reports. According to the diplomat, the document assumed "giving up everything," leaving Minsk a few points - for example, the right to call law enforcement agencies “militsiya”, not police.

Semashko noted that equality is important in the creation of the Union State, and the transfer of powers should take place within "reasonable" bounaries. He added that neither Russia nor Belarus "want to lose their sovereignty."

Last year, the presidents of Russia and Belarus considered it possible that they might sign an agreement to integrate the two countries. They even went as far as to specify a possible date for signing – December 8. However, during their meeting in Sochi, the two heads of state could not approve the proposed integration roadmaps.

Minsk-Moscow relations have subsequently deteriorated sharply, primarily because of disputes regarding the price of the energy resources which Belarus buys from Russia.

In the new year, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has repeatedly criticized Russia’s leadership.

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