Belarus company begins drilling the second well for Ukrainian hydrocarbon deposits

Experts of Belorusneft Production Association have begun drilling the second well on Ukraine’s hydrocarbon deposits, BELTA news agency informs. The Number 43 exploratory well is being constructed over the Semyrnkivsky gas condensate field at a depth of 6,572 meters.

This is the second deep-drilling-services project in Ukraine implemented by Belarusian oil workers. The first started in September last year. That was directional well Number 25, bored with a Drillmec machine in the Semyrenkivska zone with a depth of 5,714 meters.

Belorusneft won a tender to drill four development wells in the Poltava region from 2017 to 2019. The contract for drilling wells was signed with Ukraine's largest, private, gas-producing company, DTEK Oil & Gas at the Ukrainian-Belarusian economic forum that was held in late July last year in Kyiv

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