Belarusian oil refinery blames Russian oil for the equipment damage

The representatives of the Mozyr Oil Refinery in Belarus stated that poor-quality Russian oil led to the breakdown of expensive equipment, informs BelTA.

“The poor quality of the processed raw materials affected the work of the equipment,” told representatives of the refinery. They clarified that the company processes Urals oil with high chloroorganic content and high corrosive activity.

On April 19, the Belneftekhim corporation reported a deterioration of the oil quality coming from Russia . The corporation noted that the raw material contains organochlorine compounds "exceeding the limit tenfold." Transneft confirmed oil quality issues and reported that they analyze samples to determine the contamination source. The company later said it had found a contamination source at the Samara-Unecha pipeline site.

Because of this situation, Minsk decided to temporarily limit the export of Russian oil products.

The chairman of Belneftekhim, Andrei Rybakov, said that they will demand compensation from Transneft for the supply of poor-quality raw materials.

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