Belarusian opposition releases documentary about Lukashenko's hidden fortunes

Belarusian oppositionist has released an investigation into the corruption of the self-proclaimed President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko. The film was published on the YouTube channel NEXTA.

The film talks about Lukashenko's real estate and provides a list of his residences. In addition, the authors of the investigation speak about Lukashenko's car collection, which is worth 4 million, and his large aircraft fleet. NEXTA journalists also said that Lukashenko has his own "special harem".

"Lukashenko, more than anybody else, has been waiting for this documentary. He was waiting while being scared. The fact that the dictator, over the past week, twice remembered about our investigation, shows how sensitive this is for him," the authors of the investigation stressed.

Over the past week, Lukashenko spoke twice about his property.

"I have a "palace." I think 7 by 8 is the house where I grew up with my mother. This is my "palace." Everything else belongs to the state," Lukashenko said.

  Lukashenko, Belarus