Despite Ukraine’s protest Bulgaria hires Russian company to repair its MiG-29 fighters

According to the documents provided by the Bulgarian Ministry of Defense, Bulgaria has picked Russian Aircraft Corporation MiG to overhaul 15 soviet-era MiG-29 fighters before 2020, Reuters reports.

It’s reported that, as a member of the European Union and NATO, Bulgaria believes that only the Russian company can provide high-quality repairs. That is why Bulgarian officials did not invite any other bidders for the project.

The Ministry of Defense of Bulgaria planned to sign a four-year contract worth USD 51.45 million with the MiG group but suspended the deal following an appeal by the Ukrinmash company (Ukraine), part of the UkrOboronProm state-run concern.

Later, the Bulgarian anti-monopoly commission rejected Ukraine's appeal and on March 6, an ad-hoc commission of the Ministry of Defense of Bulgaria approved the Russian proposal.

As earlier reported, some Bulgarian military pilots refuse to fly Russian MiG-29 fighters because of the potential danger of piloting such antiquated aircraft.

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