Bulgaria expels two Russian diplomats for espionage

Bulgaria has notified the Russian Federation that it’s declaring two Russian diplomats persona non grata.

It is noted that the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry will expel a diplomat of the Russian Embassy and an employee of the Russian trade mission. The relevant notes were handed to the Russian Ambassador in Bulgaria, who was summoned to the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry on January 24.

"Officers will leave the host country within the specified dates," the Russian Embassy in Bulgaria said on Facebook.

"The Russian side reserves the right to retaliate. At the same time, we consider the decision of the Bulgarian authorities to disseminate this information in the public space until the Embassy is officially notified inconsistent with the traditionally constructive spirit of relations between our states," the statement reads.

Last October, the Bulgarian Prosecutor's Office announced that one of the employees of the Russian Embassy was engaged in espionage activities. In this regard, the Russian ambassador was summoned to the Foreign Ministry, and the accused diplomat left the country.

  Russia, Bulgaria