Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine calls on Poroshenko to dismiss Ukroboronprom director

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine requested that President Petro Poroshenko dismiss the head of the Ukroboronprom State Enterprise, Roman Romanov, and expects a new candidate to be nominated by the recently renewed supervisory board of the state enterprise.

"I recently said that I will not work with the head of Ukroboronprom, Romanov. I waited so that perhaps he would decide for himself and resign, but this did not happen. Today I propose that we make the decision and file a petition addressed to the President about the dismissal," Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman said at a meeting of the Cabinet on Wednesday.

This initiative by the head of government was supported without objection.

Groysman said that after the President's decision to dismiss Romanov, he will ask the new supervisory board of Ukroboronprom to submit a proposal to the government regarding a new candidate to head the state enterprise, which, if approved by the Cabinet, will be submitted for approval to the President.

The Prime Minister stressed that if he is saying that he is not ready to work with some people, these people should resign and switch to another job, "preferably outside of power structures."

The initiative to dismiss Romanov is connected with nonpayment of salaries at one of the enterprises of the state concern. Groysman called on other leaders who are "dealing with billions" to take this matter more seriously.

Previously it was reported that Groysman, at a Cabinet meeting December 27th last year, initiated the dismissal of the head of Ukroboronprom for failure to fulfill the government's instructions on repayment of salaries at the State Enterprise, Mykolayiv Shipyard.

"I will not work with you anymore. Said, not done - goodbye! Look for another job!” the Prime Minister said at that meeting.

In turn, Romanov refused to voluntarily resign and said that resolving the situation with debt repayment requires qualitative decisions by the government, and not a search for "scapegoats." According to him, the problem arose due to the termination in February 2015 of compensation payments for the shipyard for the maintenance of the unfinished cruiser, Ukrayina. Repeated calls of the state enterprise to the Cabinet with proposals to resolve this situation were unanswered. The head of Ukroboronprom noted that he is not ready to repay the debt at the expense of the state enterprise, considering such a decision illegal.

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