Chinese media: Russia to respond to NATO threat in Black Sea

Russia will deploy Project 22350 frigates in the Black Sea in response to the threat from NATO, writes the Chinese newspaper Renmin Ribao.

The author of the publication called the Black Sea region one of the main places of confrontation between Russia and the North Atlantic Alliance and noted that the latter has been constantly strengthening the military presence there since 2017 - sending warships and reconnaissance aircraft.

"In the face of the threat from NATO, Russia is taking measures to protect its interests," the newspaper writes.

According to Renmin Ribao, Moscow is also increasing its military presence in the Black Sea, for example, it has deployed Su-27SM and Su-30SM fighter jets in the Southern Military District, the S-400 anti-aircraft missile system, Dnipro radar stations, the Bastion coastal missile system, the Pantsir-S1 anti-aircraft missile systems and other new types of equipment and weapons.

Recently, Russia announced the deployment of project 22350 frigates to the Black Sea. According to Renmin Ribao, they will become the main deterrent in the region.

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