Company connected with 'Putin’s Chef' concludes oil contract with Syria

 The company, connected with the Russian oligarch Yevgeny Prigozhin (known as “Putin’s chef”) concluded an oil contract with Syria, reports news outlet Echo of Moscow with reference to the newspaper The Bell

According to media reports, Prigozhin’s company has been negotiating with the Syrian government since 2016.

The company in question is Euro Polis, which has negotiated with the Syrian government on the concession, protection and development of oil fields in the country since 2016.

The publication notes that this agreement may be connected with the February 7 clash between mercenaries of the Wagner private military company and troops of the international coalition led by the United States. According to different sources, from a dozen to several hundred Russians were killed.

U.S. intelligence has confirmed that Prigozhin’s close connection with Putin is directly related to the attack of the Wagner Russian private military company on the forces of U.S. allies in Syria.

For several weeks both before and after the clash, Prigozhin was in close contact with the Kremlin and Syrian officials, according to The Washington Post. In particular, he coordinated the attack with both a minister in the Russian government and the Assad regime.

Earlier in February, the U.S. accused “Putin’s chef” in the case of Russian interference.

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